The Ares bag is created by urban commuters for urban commuters who are dedicated gym-goers but have to trek it to a job Monday through Friday. Ares is designed to solve two-bag related problems with the launch of a versatile backpack that aesthetically meets the needs of the workplace and functionally meets the needs of completing a killer workout.


“No one wants to carry a smelly gym duffel bag and another work bag around all day,” said Calvin, Founder of Ares. “I did this for three years till one day I left my work bag on the subway and lost all my documents, my work laptop, and my key card. I can still remember my panic set in. I knew there had to be a better way and so we have designed Ares to solve each and every problem out there and give urban warriors everything they need in one backpack. Our backpack is roomy enough to store anything you’d normally carry in a work bag — laptop, notebook, phone, keys, books— plus a change of gym clothes, a pair of shoes, and water bottle. And it all fits in a package that looks professional enough to blend in at most workplaces.”